Monday, December 17, 2007

The Features And Benefits Of Pc Cables

For all those individuals who have a personal computer, or what is called a PC, you know that you have to have cables for your computer to work. It seems like everything in this world is run off cables right? A PC is no different. When it comes to PC cables, is can get pretty complicated because technology is constantly changing and new cables are always popping up out of nowhere. Even though PC cables are changing at a rapid pace, there are still those cables that every PC needs.
Every personal computer is different. Some are newer than others and some are just simply better than others as well. Whatever personal computer you have, one thing that they all share in common is that they all use coaxial cables, twisted cables, and the optic fiber cables. Coaxial cables come in two forms. Regular coaxial cables and thick coaxial cables. The twisted cables usually connect your PC to a phone line. They come in different forms as well. Twisted cables come either in an unshielded or shielded form. The shielded cable protects the cable better than the unshielded. The optic fiber cable is probably the most important cable out of these three and it is the most expensive as well. This cable has the ability to send information at a 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps speed. This cable is vital to your computer working well and properly.
There are several cables that make your PC function at full capacity. The three explained above are just to name a few of the number of cables that connect your PC and make it work great. If you wan to know about other PC cables, look online and get all the information you need about the particular PC cable you are looking for.
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