Sunday, February 17, 2008

Network Software

Network software consists of programs that manage the network, provide srevices and allow computers to communicate and share information on the network.
Network Operating System
The Network Operating System (NOS) is the most important software on a network. The network operating system organizes and manages alla the activities on a network. On some networks, one central computer, called a server, is responsible for running the network operating system. Netware, Windows 2000 Server, Linux and LANtastic are examples of popular network operating systems.
Network Driver
A network driver is the software that allows the network inteface card in a computer to communicate with the network. The network driver must be compitable with the network interface card and the operating system on a computer.
Server Software
A server is a computer that makes information and resources available to other computers on a network. Server software enables a server to perform a specific task. For example, e-mail srver software allows a server to process and manage e-mail messages. the server software must be compatible with the network operating system.
Application Software
Application software consists of the programs that run on computers connected to a network. Application software includes productivity programs, such as word processors, spreadsheet and database programs, and customized software, such as programs used for inventory and accounting purposes. Application software can be stored on each computer connected to the network or on a server used only for storing application software.
Management Software
Networks that connect several computers often use management software, which allows network administrators to organize and manage a network more efficiently. Management software can help maintain network performance and alert the network administrator in case problems or errors occur on a network.

Network Hardware

Network hardware includes the physical devices used on a network. All networks require network hardware to function.
The most important job of a network is to link computers together. When computers are linked, the people using the computers can be work more efficiently. Computers connected to a anetwrok do not have to be the same type. For Example, a network could conatain desktop computers, such as IBM-compatible & Macintosh computers, or portable computers, such as notebooks and Personal Digital Assistants(PDAs).
Anetwork resource is a device that computers on a network can use. The most common type of network resource is a printer. All of the users on a network can send documents to a printer that is connected to the network. Other examples of netwrok resources include fax machines, tape backup units and file storage devices, such as hard drives.
Cables are the wire that connect computers and resources on a network. Many different kinds of cables can be used, depending on the type and size of a network. The type of cable used often determines how quickly information will tarnsfer through a network. For some large networks, many miles of cable may be required.
A connector is a device that joins network together. When two networks are connected, all of the computers on both networks are can exchange information. The most common types of connectors are bridges and routers.
Network Interface Cards
A Network Interface Card(NIC) is a device that physically connects to a network and controls the flow of information between the network and the computer. NICs are installed inside a computer. The edge of the network inteface card can be seen at the back of the computer. ANIC has a port where the network cable plugs in.

Written By : Ali Masood