Friday, November 23, 2007

Why People Do Not Go for Professional Data Recovery?

People and organizations that primarily rely on computers for their day-to-day activities, inevitably come across data loss problems at some time or other. No matter what may be the cause of a data disaster, the natural human urge, after all, is to recover the lost data with a high success rate and without incurring exponential expenses.
There are several DIY data recovery software available in the market which can be successfully used by an individual or an organization to recover the lost data. Besides being really cheap and cost-effective, DIY data recovery software offers many other advantages, which makes it a very appropriate data recovery solution. Yet, it has often been observed that people prefer to go for professional data recovery services rather than using recovery software. One of the reasons for this may be that the data recovery software is of no use in case of a mechanical failure of any storage media. Besides this, the professional data recovery companies offer many other advantages such as:
1) Human Supervision and Assessment of the Problem
In case of any major data loss scenario, what people tend to hate most is the sense of vagueness and uncertainty associated with the situation. They desperately look for some one who can give them a realistic assessment of the situation and can supervise the entire recovery process with confidence and surety. The human factor associated with professional data recovery services makes them a great success.
2) Professionalism
When the data at stake is very precious and critical for survival purposes, people and organizations expect it to be recovered with ample professionalism and responsibility. They know that any amateurish attempt to salvage their data may end up in a disaster and can render the lost data irretrievable for ever.
3) Experience
The technical staff working for a good data recovery service has the requisite experience of working with and recovering data from various types of storage media subjected to all types of abuse and mishandling. Hence, they are often in a position to recover the lost data with a high rate of success.
4) Qualified Staff
All the authentic data recovery companies have a highly qualified staff and well-trained data recovery technicians. Many good companies even hire PhD-level data recovery experts for advisory and technical purposes. This gives a prospective customer a sense of confidence regarding the recovery of his inaccessible data.
5) Use of Specialized Software and Hardware Tools
A genuine data recovery company always has a well-stocked inventory of many types of software and hardware tools at its disposal, so as to perform any type of data recovery job with success and confidence. In addition to this, the highly skilled data recovery technicians are often in a position to improvise and customize the tools to suit the situation.
6) Free-of-charge Assessment and Advice
Almost all the major data recovery companies offer a free-of-charge assessment and diagnosis of the data recovery problem submitted to them. They often advise their customers regarding the data recovery solution that will be most appropriate for them, without asking for any special fee. This helps the customer in deciding upon and planning his or her future course of action.
7) Advanced Estimates about Recovery Cost
A reputed data recovery company always provides its customers with a realistic estimate of the expected recovery costs. Whether he or she wants to avail their services or not is entirely left to the discretion of the well-informed customer.
8) No-recovery-no-charge Policy
All the well-established data recovery companies follow a policy of no-recovery-no-charge. They charge their customers only for the data recovered and in case of a failure to recover data, the customer is not charged anything. This arrangement makes the data recovery companies a very tempting option.
9) Entire Onus on the Recovery Company
Once a storage device or a digital gadget is submitted to a data recovery company, the entire onus lies on the recovery firm for the success or failure of the recovery procedure followed or any damage incurred to the media under consideration.
Considering all the above mentioned benefits of hiring the services of professional data recovery companies, no doubt, people mostly prefer to go for professional data recovery.
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