Friday, November 23, 2007

What are UPS Systems?

Many people have small desk top UPS box which contains a battery or batteries and a line interactive electronic device. This will hold up the PC and monitor in the event of a small power outage but will not protect the equipment against spikes or brown outs.
A real UPS is a True OnLine system which actually converts the AC to DC and then back to AC with the use of inverters and rectifiers. This UPS system actually provides both clean seamless power as well as total protect against spikes and brownouts. If you want power protection that buy a True On Line UPS systems and not a line interactive UPS.
UPS systems , implies more than one uninterruptible power supply working with another uninterruptible power supply. This is a parallel UPS system which provides redundancy and therefore offers greater protection of any critical equipment. The power is held within the UPS systems by batteries, usually sealed lead acid batteries. Most commonly used batteries have a 5year design life and should be replaced after 4 years. Why after 4 years? Because no one knows when they will fail.
The larger the site the greater the UPS system. Modern Communications Centres may have as many as 24 500kVA UPS's forming an N+3 disaster power protection system. These UPS systems need regular monitoring to ensure that they are functioning 100 cover and N+3 would be Triple cover.
What are the very best makes of UPS systems?
Ask the bank and Hospitals. They only use, Liebert, Powerware, Chloride and the larger APC kit genuine Tier one companies. Enough said.
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