Friday, November 23, 2007

Overview of Mobile Framework

Use of Mobile Framework
You’re on your way to a pivotal meeting but the flight’s been delayed. You need to notify your client, make some last minute adjustments to your presentation, and figure out the fastest route from the airport to their office. In short, you really need to have your office with you. The answer is MOBILIZE YOURSELF! Explains how to maximize the mobility of the technology you have today—and it provides smart answers about the mobile technologies and services you might be considering.
Mobile framework Requirements/Features
This list will help you identify a mobile framework. Usually, a mobile framework will include the following:A graphical development tool that visually maps complex server logic and data to device resident applications
Flexibility for customization and the ability to incorporate new code (MMAPI, .NET, Insignia)Secure access and user identity
An API extension to let other applications "hook" in Enabling of media (video, audio, images) transformation (Java MMAPI, Insignia Mobile Media Framework)
Ability to provide lightweight technology for mobile agent-based distributed computing (Taco Framework)
Ability to provide for content syndication (Jet speed)
Ability to provide content transformation
Agents for device detection
Asynchronous transactional messaging for guaranteed data delivery and integrity Allowance of true mobile client applications with seamless disconnected and real-time operation Mobility is still a new approach to the workplace. Reaching business systems puts special demands and requirements on access, security, and collaboration infrastructure. This can all be reassured with mobile frameworks.
The name MOBILE is derived from the first letter in each of the six categories that make up the framework.The six categories are:
M the need for mobilityO the need to improve operationsB the need to break business barriersI the need to improve information qualityL the need to decrease transaction lagE the need to improve efficiency
Advantages of Mobile Frameworks
So what’s important in Mobile Framework is to get the technologies that take you farther and to
# Learn how to choose, customize, and synchronize notebook computers, Pocket PCs, and other mobile devices
# Evaluate your connectivity options—infrared, wired and wireless LANs, cyber cafés, and more
# Make your e-mail, files, corporate data, and favorite Microsoft Office applications road-ready—and secure
# Do more with less gear—get driving directions, enjoy music and video, even manage your stocks and expenses on mobile devices
# Help your company stay agile with sales automation, ERP, and other applications for mobile employees
# Know how to buy accessories and gadgets that aren’t just cool, but solve real business problems
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