Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How to Remove Spyware

Introduction to SpywareSpyware is a software program that stealthily collects information about the user’s activities on the computer and reports back to the spyware software creator. The most common sources of the spyware are files sharing programs, online gaming, screens savers and downloading software from insecure websites. Once spyware are enters the computer they change the behavior of the computer. A spyware can be installed in a computer by different ways. Sometimes it can be installed with the popular shareware programs. A spyware infected computer may show following changes.Symptoms of Spyware• Web browser’s home page is changed automatically.• New toolbars are installed.• Antivirus and Anti spyware programs frequently complains that your system is infected with the spyware, malware or Trojan horses.• It takes a long time to start or resume your computer programs.• Excessive pop-up ads are installed in the computer automatically.• Computer becomes very slow to response and internet connectivity also takes time.• Unwanted search results appear when you search something.• New desktop shortcuts are created.• If your system is infected with spyware then you may notice bounced back emails or emails being sent without your knowledge.• Keyboard loggers can capture the password and user name and send back to the spyware software creator.How to Remove SpywareA spyware program is very different in behavior and symptoms from the viruses. Following are some of the programs that help you manage detect, remove and protect your system from the spyware.Panda Security SuiteTrend Micro Anti spyware programZone Alarm ProMcAfee Antivirus + Anti spyware programPest PatrolSpyblockerSpycopAdditionally from the following spyware resources you can check if your system is infected with the spyware.http://www.spychecker.com/http://www.tom-cat.com/spybase/spylist.htmlhttp://www.infoforce.qc.ca/spyware/PreventionWith some preventive measures you can protect your system from being infected from the spyware, malware, adware and keyloggers. These safety tips include safe emailing, safe surfing, securing browser’s settings, using spyware detection and prevention software, blocking pop-up ads, blocking files sharing applications and regularly scanning your computer with the anti spyware and antivirus software programs.
By B Bashir
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