Friday, November 23, 2007

How to Remove Ink Stain

It is one of those questions that everybody has an answer for. Unfortunately, none of the answers provided appear to completely do the job. Ink remover, ink removal tools, what kind of ink? There are so many questions and so few answers when it comes to a person wanting to remove ink. Now I suppose that an answer is expected to the age old question of ink stains and removing ink stains. Maybe yes and maybe no.
Mom knows
If anybody in the world knows the answer to removing ink stains it would be a mom. That’s the way the world has always been and that is the way it will likely always be. First the ink stain must be atoned for. Yes mom, it was silly of me to have a pen in my pocket and yes I should be more careful around the printer. Oh, and the ever popular I bet that lovely girl in accounting would know about getting an ink stain out.
In my day
The popular thinking, according to mom, is that hairspray does the trick on both sides of the ink stain. If you do not do both sides the stain will just end up migrating away from the spray. Dab as you go and then rinse before washing in as hot a wash cycle as the garment can stand. It may not work. Any ink stain except water soluble ink is a tough nut to crack.
The real story
The thing about non-water soluble ink is that it will not likely come out all the way. You may get lucky, but for all intense and purposes the garment is shot, gone, toast and trash. This is not to suggest that many a mom has not been working on the idea. Probably make a fortune along the way according to my mom. So give a few of these possibilities a try and good luck:
Rubbing alcohol-
Place the garment on a clean white towel. Dab as you go but only after you try a hidden spot so you’ll know what the fabric is going to do when the alcohol is applied. The stain will likely end up on the towel so move the garment around. Wash the garment toughly and wash on as hot as labeled.
Baking soda -
It’s not as harsh as rubbing alcohol but removing ink stains is a weird science. Dab, rinse well and wash or use ink remover.
Acetone -
This is the last rights for the garment and the last chance to remove ink before the trash can. For the most part, acetone does not play well with most fabrics. So, if you’re going to give this one a try definitely try a hidden spot first. Dab and move the fabric along a white clean towel. The color of the garment will transfer through a little. Rinse well and wash on the hottest temperature the fabric can stand.
These were just a few ideas from mom. They may work and they may not but at least an effort was made to save that shirt or dress. Next time, be more careful around ink it may stain.
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