Saturday, November 24, 2007

FAT Data Recovery Software

Windows generally use two type of file system FAT & NTFS file system to store the data on the hard drive. So first let us understand what FAT file system is? FAT stands for File Allocation Table. FAT contains an entry for every file stored on the hard drive. Hard drive is divided into two parts, ‘system area’ and ‘data area’. So system area acts as an index of the hard drive. Let us understand the FAT File system in detail. FAT file system is composed of five different sections. • Master Boot Record (MBR) – An MBR is created by FDISK program, it is the first partition sector. • Boot Record – It contains basic file system information, pointer to the location of the other section and operating system boot loader code• FAT Region – Contains two copies of File Allocation Table, these are the maps of the partition showing how clusters are allocated on the hard drive• Root Directory Region – It store information about files and directories in the root directory • Data Region – This is the place where actual file and directory are stored on the hard drive. So when the file system or FAT fails on the computer we experience a data loss. As these FAT systems contains all the information of the data which are stored on the computer system. Once corruption in FAT system occurs entries get deleted but data still reside on the hard drive. That’s why FAT Data recovery software has been developed to recover the deleted, damaged or lost partition on the FAT system. The most effective FAT Data recovery software used by the computer system business man is Stellar Phoenix FAT Data Recovery Software. Stellar Phoenix FAT Data Recovery Software supports three major type of File system, FAT 16, FAT32 and vFAT. And this FAT Data Recovery software can be used for Windows Vista partitions, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and older operating system hard drives. A free demo version is available for download. This demo version provides enough information about the chances of data recovery before deciding upon the purchase. The demo version of this FAT File recovery Utility has an interactive tree structure to view, select (tag) and recover files and directories to a safe location.
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